Patch Notes [v1.0.2]

These various issues have been fixed in v1.0.2:

==Crashes / Softlocks==

  • Windswept Plateau - It is no longer possible to get stuck between two rocks and the wind areas.


  • In Perennia Mountains, soldier says "Forward".
  • Book 8 - Descendants - "others"


  • Fulgurous Ravine - It is no longer possible to walk through a wall.
  • Kingmages' Keep - It is no longer possible to walk through a wall.


  • Reduced frequency of encounters in the Perennia Mountains area.
  • Reduced Raphael's Max HP.
  • Reduced the damage of Oblivion from 300 to 240.
  • Reduced HP scaling for all enemies.
  • Difficulty setting no longer affects enemy HP.
  • Difficulty setting affects enemy END/RES less.
  • Rabbit Stance - Cooldown increased by 1 (7 -> 8).
  • Snake Stance - Cooldown decreased by 2 (22 -> 20).


  • Fixed the bug that causes skills like The World to randomly fail.
  • Added some dialogue for Reversal of Tides to take into account completion of Land of the Nekos.
  • Reduced the maximum wager for G-Coins to 99 due to an oversight.
  • Renamed Confusion status ailment to Fumble.
  • Moved chests in the Treasury so they cannot be opened from behind a table.
  • Added a new tester to the tester room and credits.
  • Added Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard descriptors to the difficulty levels.
  • Added better hints to the quest log for A Shift in Power.
  • Calamity Ring now sets Max HP to 1.


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